Samuel Rosario Castillo


He was born in the city of Nagua, province (María Trinidad Sánchez), Cabrera municipality, on February 13, 1980. He is the third son of 9 brothers, from the marriage of the gentlemen, Diego Rosario Mercedes and Mrs. Juana Castillo Gerónimo.

I carry out his primary studies, in the primary school, Eduvigis Bravo Castillo and the secondary ones, in the Baoba del Piñal school.

In 1999, he moved to the city of San Cristóbal, where he began his baseball training in the Juan Marichar program, which was led by Mr. Santiago Villalona. Despite his great effort and sacrifices, he did not achieve his desired dream and left for the city of Santiago

For the first time that same year (2002) with the help of ing. Francisco Reyes Rojas, luck smiles on him and he manages to sign for the Chicago Cubs. His first season outside the country occurred in 2003 for the minor leagues with the Chicago Cubs, among others such as: Calgary Vipers northern league 2005 and 2006, for the 2007 Rio Grande Valley UNLB Texas, 2008 with the Nashua Pride Canam League and York Revolution Atlantic league. Its last season occurs in 2008 with the Cibaeñas Eels in the R.D.

He is currently happily married, the father of 4 girls, and resides in the U.S. of America since 2007, he works as a technician in the Wirebelt of America company and is a VC. President and founder of Mercedes Baseball Academy.

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